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Small Claims Court New Jersey

New Jersey Small Claims Statute of Limitation. - Minimum Amount For Small Claims Court New Jersey

In the small claims division in New Jersey Special Civil Part Court, Your case can be heard if your claim is for less than $3,000, and your case is based upon one of the following: A contract or agreement. The agreement doesn’t need to be in writing. Damage to property caused by someone’s negligent driving of a motor vehicle.
In Small Claims Court of New Jersey, small Claims is one of three sections of the Superior Courts Special Civil Part. The other two sections are Landlord Tenant and regular Special Civil Part. Small Claims handles cases in which the demand is not more than $3,000. If the amount of money you are trying to recover is more than $3,000, but less than $15,000, your case should be filed in the regular Special Civil Part. Cases in which damages are more than $15,000 must be filed in the Law Division of the Superior Court.

Small Claims Court New Jersey Fees

In New jersey cost of filing in Small Claims Court is $15.00 if you are filing a case against one defendant, and $2.00 more for each additional defendant. In addition, there is a mileage fee based on the distance a court official must travel to deliver the papers to the person you are suing. The cost of filing in the Special Civil Part-Civil is $54.00 if you are filing a case against one defendant, plus $6.00 for each additional defendant.
In the State of New Jersey, Small Claims Filing offers complete small claims services, special civil services and serving services. Court fee is $42.

How much does it cost to go to small claims court in New Jersey

There is a $30 filing fee for a case asking for up to $1500. To claim over $1500, and up to $5,000, there is a filing fee of $50.  If your claim is above $5,000, the filing fee is $75. If you file more than 12 cases in a year, subsequent cases will cost $100.

New Jersey Small Claims Form

You can get small claims form for New Jersey in $15 against one defendant. If you would like to file small claims in online court of New Jersey, you can file your small claims by hiring small claims attorney and file a state of claims. You can serve the complaint by mail using: Certified, Restricted Delivery/Return Receipt Requested. If the defendant is a corporation, the statutory agent must be served.