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Small Claims Court Vermont

Vermont Small Claims Statute of Limitation. - Minimum Amount For Small Claims Court Vermont

The limit to the amount that a person can sue for in justice court is $$5000. Justice courts can also settle landlord/tenant disputes such as evictions and repairs. If you want more, you'll have to go to another court. But it might not be worth it because of the complicated rules and costs of hiring an attorney.

Small Claims Court Vermont Fees

Court fee is around $5000. Court fees are applied later during the process and not today. Serving includes restricted mail service & sheriff/private process options will be provided to you later during the procedure. All fees are added to the case against the defendant so you can recover these costs

How much does it cost to go to small claims court in Vermont

There is a $30 filing fee for a case asking for up to $1500. To claim over $1500, and up to $5,000, there is a filing fee of $50.  If your claim is above $5,000, the filing fee is $75. If you file more than 12 cases in a year, subsequent cases will cost $100.

Vermont Small Claims Form

You can get small claims petition form for Vermont in $1,500 against one defendant. If you would like to file small claims in online court of Vermont, you can file your small claims by hiring small claims attorney and file a state of claims.